Father And Son Keep Step-Daughter Shackled In Basement For Over A Year- This Is How She Escaped!

Father And Son Keep Step-Daughter Shackled In Basement For Over A Year- This Is How She Escaped!

I just think that humanity has hit an all-time low, you see a story like this that is just disgusting. Check out what this father and son did to their own step daughter and sister:


A 13-year-old girl has escaped after allegedly being kept prisoner in a basement by her stepfather and stepbrother for more than a year.

The teenager broke out on Wednesday night, using a spare key she found and hid until both of her alleged captors left the house in Toledo, Ohio.

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Former firefighter Timothy Ciboro, 53, and his son Esten Ciboro, 27, were arrested and charged with kidnapping and child endangerment last night.

The teenager was held captive for more than a year, authorities said, and was kept shackled to a beam in the dark basement of the home.

She told police that she was fed old scraps of food and was only given an ammonia-filled bucket to go to the toilet in, NBC 24 reported.

Police Lieutenant Joe Heffernan said the girl found a handcuff key and hid it until her stepbrother and stepfather left the home to go running at around 9pm on Wednesday, when she broke free.

A woman found the girl walking alone with several bags at 9:15pm last night and thought she looked like she had run away from home, the Toledo Blade reported.

The Good Samaritan persuaded the girl to come inside her home, who then told her she had run away from home ‘because she gets in trouble for wetting the bed’.

The girl told the woman that she was punished by her stepfather, who ‘puts handcuffs on her ankles’ and ‘makes her sleep in the basement’.

She also said her mother had left and gone to Las Vegas some time ago, although this has not been confirmed.

What kind of sick person does this to a CHILD? I hope these two enjoy their spot in hell. because believe me, there is one reserved.

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