Fla. Husband ‘Used Wife’s Head As A Mop To Clean Up Spilled Milk’ After This Happened

Fla. Husband ‘Used Wife’s Head As A Mop To Clean Up Spilled Milk’ After This Happened

There’s an old saying: don’t cry over spilled milk. It’s meant as a caution against worrying about what has already been done. There is no saying like “Don’t become enraged and use your wife’s head to clean-up spilled milk.” However, though that should seem obvious advice, it seems one man needs to hear that lesson clearly.


A Florida man was arrested on domestic violence charges Sunday night following an incident with his wife.

Keith Davidson of Fruitland Park, Florida woke up to make himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and reportedly became enraged when he discovered there was no jelly in the house.

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He then began to argue with his wife, and after the woman spilled some milk during the fight he allegedly slammed her to the ground and began to use her head and hair to clean up the liquid.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that the woman then called police, who arrested Davidson after she showed them the bruising on her body.

Police described the bruising as ‘significant.’

Davidson is currently being held at the Lake County Jail on battery charges.

Fruitland Park was in the news just a few months ago when it was revealed that one of the town’s former deputy chiefs, David Borst, had been hired to work in food services at an elementary school.

He received the job just one year after he was forced to resign from the police force when an FBI investigation identified him as part of the Ku Klux Klan

Borst’s resignation along with the firing of officer George Hunnewell made national headlines in July of 2014.

The men allegedly joined the organization in 2009 after being recruited by James Elkins, a fellow officer on the force.

Elkins – who resigned from the police force in 2009 – eventually became an informant for the FBI, and revealed to them that Borst and Hunnewell were members of the KKK.

Borst repeatedly denied he was ever part of the group, while Hunnewell claimed at the time that he and his wife had been working undercover to infiltrate the organization.

Could it be that there is something in the water in that town that makes people lose all common sense?

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