Girl Dragged From School by Her Hair For Not Wearing Muslim Headscarf. Where it Happened Will Shock

Liberals love to claim that Islam is just like other religions.

However, the more we find out about Islam, the more we’re realizing that Christians and Jews do not act this way.

muslim ladies

Police said Youssif Z. Omar, 53, on Tuesday was at the school attended by a 14-year-old relative of his and noticed she wasn’t wearing her hijab — a traditional Muslim headscarf.

Omar became irate, police said, grabbed the girl “very violently by the hair” and pulled her down a flight of stairs.

He then allegedly slapped her face and then pulled her into his car by her hair.

And where did the police report stem from?

Hickman High School in Columbia, Missouri, the Columbia Daily Tribune reported.

In what way does this sound like any other religious group? Dragging a child by her hair for not wearing a head-scarf is not common among any religious organization except Islam.


John Binder

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