Cops Issue Scathing Response When Accused of Taking CO Shooter Alive Because He’s White

Cops Issue Scathing Response When Accused of Taking CO Shooter Alive Because He’s White

The Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting came to an end when Robert Lewis Dear quietly laid down his weapon, followed commands and surrendered. Now some people are accusing the police of not killing him because he was white. That’s just outrageous and couldn’t be further from the truth. To police officers, all lives matter. Dear was given the choice between living and dying… he chose to live and the police obliged even though he had just killed one of their own, two civilians and wounded 9 others. As the community grieves for those who died needlessly at the hands of an insane maniac, those such as Black Lives Matter have the nerve to claim racism in the handling of the standoff. The truth is that the police there in Colorado have had many other situations where persons of color have surrendered and have been taken into custody. Not executed as these trolls claim. Knock off the racist pandering and let these people grieve in peace, including the officers who did their jobs and saved lives.


From IJReview:

As the Colorado Springs community mourns and struggles to understand the horrifying attack at a Planned Parenthood clinic that left one police officer and two civilians dead on Friday, the Colorado Springs Police Department is coming under fire again.

The shooter, 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear, quietly surrendered to police after hours of terrorizing the town. While speculation abounds regarding his motive for the attack, accusations are being leveled at the Colorado Springs police that he was taken alive only because he is white:


In response, the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police posted a scathing rebuttal to their Facebook page, and urged others to share it with anyone repeating the accusation:



In part, the post reads:

What the race baiting morons who believe that he was spared because he was white fail to acknowledge is that just this year alone there have been numerous shootings of police officers where the suspects were taken into custody. Many of those suspects were persons of color. They were not executed. They were taken into custody.

A vigil was held in Colorado Springs Saturday night to honor the victims, and Officer Garrett Swasey was remembered by many as an exceptionally giving and vital member of his community.

How pathetic is it when all the Marxist, liberal weenies come out in a feeding frenzy after innocent people lose their lives like they did in Colorado. It’s despicable. They use a political agenda to hurt people even more after they are going through an unspeakable event… accusing them of racism and accusing others of causing the atrocity because they exposed the butchers of Planned Parenthood for the monsters they truly are. It’s as though anyone or anything good is to be disparaged and destroyed by these people. The reason many of the black suspects died that these radicals defend is simply because they did not comply. They were violent criminals who intended to do further harm. When given the choice of life or death, they chose poorly. End of story.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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