GRAPHIC VIDEO: World Record Alligator Brought Down… Hunters Stunned When They Look Inside

GRAPHIC VIDEO: World Record Alligator Brought Down… Hunters Stunned When They Look Inside

Alligator is one of my favorite meats, but it takes a better man than I to actually go out and kill one, much less a 1,000-pound one! But one family did exactly that.


In August of 2014, the Stokes family from Camden, Alabama, inadvertently broke a world record by legally killing and then reeling in a gigantic 1,011.5-pound alligator.

When it came time to skin the gator, they found the fully intact carcass of an adult female deer inside it. But that’s not all. There were also two complete squirrel carcasses.

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“What you had here was a big alligator that was warm and really cranked up and running efficiently,” Dr. Kent Vliet from the University of Florida told The Birmingham News. “Even though that deer would have provided enough energy for it to survive for two years, it just couldn’t pass up those squirrels.”

Alligators do not usually eat squirrels, but apparently this one had quite the appetite.

While checking out its inside was no doubt horrific, the process of capturing this 15-foot-long beast had been pretty awful itself.

The family spent two hours straining “under the bind of a large snatch hook they thought was snagged into the gator’s hide.” It turned out that the hook was snagged into a water-saturated log instead.

They also lost the gator several times, but eventually tracked him down after about four hours. By that time, however, their supply of two-dozen hooks was nearly depleted.

“By then, we all knew what we had tied to that boat,” brother-in-law Kevin Jenkins, who was present with his two kids — Savannah, 16, and Parker, 14 — told reporters. “We talked about it and decided that we were either going to have to kill this gator pretty quick or we were going to cut him loose.”

Slowly but surely, the family coaxed the alligator to the surface. Mandy Stokes, wife of John Stokes, pulled out a shotgun and took the alligator down.

And just like that, the Stokes family earned a spot in Guinness World Records. Our congratulations go out them.

This story is intense and serves as a stark reminder for my Southern readers: if you’re going to tangle with an alligator, be sure you know what you’re doing!

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