Greenpeace Activists Occupy Nuke Plant

Greenpeace Activists Occupy Nuke Plant: I see that the security for nuclear plants in Britain is just as lousy as it is in the US…

“About 150 campaigners from environmental group Greenpeace scaled fences, evaded security and occupied Britain’s newest nuclear power station on Monday.

The protesters entered the grounds of the Sizewell B power plant on the eastern English coast and unfurled a banner reading “No More Nuclear.” But the activists said they wouldn’t enter any of the complex’s buildings or interfere with the operations of the plant.”

Don’t the security guards at these plants have guns? If so, do they allow them to load the guns or do they have to carry the bullets in their pockets Barney Fife style?

And yes I am suggesting that they should have shot these greenies rather than let them get inside the plant. For one thing, this sort of thing would make the perfect cover for a terrorist group to get in a do some damage. All it would take is for four or five al-Queda members to join up with Greenpeace, load up with explosives and ammo and just wait for these kooks to invade another plant. Furthermore, considering the rise in environmental extremism that’s been going on across the globe, I wouldn’t put it past some greenie to commit a terrorist attack just to try to prove these plants are unsafe. Either way, letting these lunatics run around inside of a nuke plant is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible.

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