It’s Time For A ‘Canadian Conquest’

It’s Time For A ‘Canadian Conquest’: I ran across a poll on Fark that showed that 4 in 10 Americans were “in favour of Canada being annexed to the United States.”

I have no idea where those numbers are coming from because I don’t know anyone who seriously wants to annex Canada. But some of the comments on Fark about this were just too funny not to capture for posterity. Here are a few of them…

Asmor: This just in, 4 in 10 Americans believe “annex” is a synonym for “nuke”.

Doctechnical: Call me skeptical, but I think I have quite enough snow as it is, thank you very much.

Young_Fart: To put things in perspective, Canadians are essentially Americans with low self-esteem. And bad hair.

Rhiannon: We’ll stay up here thanks. The Americans have already graciously adopted Celine Dion, and we’re letting them keep her.

Demoib: just think of the olympic hockey team we’d have.”

Misspudding: i’ll admit that americans don’t know a damn thing about canadians or canadian culture. hell, i was watching something from the “throne” the other week on CBC and i had no idea what the “throne” was. i also had no idea that your supreme court dressed up in funny santa claus outfits, or that your head of state still is the queen of england.

am i right about the queen of england thing, by the way? or is that actually wrong?

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