As the Gun Deaths Pile Up in ‘Gun Free Zone’ Chicago, Michelle Obama Does THIS

As the Gun Deaths Pile Up in ‘Gun Free Zone’ Chicago, Michelle Obama Does THIS

Isn’t that fancy. First Lady Michelle Obama visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for a tour of “Kelly James Marshall: Mastry”. It’s an exhibition of pieces about African American life created by the acclaimed Chicago-based artist.

Meanwhile…people are still getting shot dead at an alarming rate right outside her warped reality, where she gets to play princess and pretend there are no real issues other than racism.

Michelle Obama, Adam Weinberg, Renzo Piano

From the Chicago Sun Times:

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Mrs. Obama was accompanied on a tour of the exhibition by MCA Pritzker Director Madeleine Grynsztejn, as well as the artist and his wife, actress Cheryl Lynn Bruce. The show runs through Sept. 25 at the MCA, and then moves on to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

In a prepared statement Grynsztejn said: “Kerry James Marshall is making a lasting contribution to history with works that are aesthetically powerful, but also relevant to issues facing our society today – from racial injustice to the search for equality. At the same time, his paintings are beautiful, humanistic, and necessary. Mrs. Obama’s visit underscores the importance of this great artist, who is at once a hero of our city and also a pillar of the community.”

An inspired and imaginative chronicler of the African American experience for threes decades, Marshall is best known for his large-scale interiors, landscapes, and portraits featuring powerful black figures. He explores narratives of African-American history from slave ships to contemporary culture, and draws on his deep knowledge of art history, from the Renaissance to 20th-century abstraction, as well as on other sources such as the comic book and the muralist tradition.

Again Michelle…

People are being shot DEAD like nothing in Chicago.

Why are you only there to wear fancy dresses and look at art?

No love.

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