He Found a MASSIVE Lump on His Back… Watch What Happened When He Squeezed It

He Found a MASSIVE Lump on His Back… Watch What Happened When He Squeezed It

WARNING: Video contents are EXTREMELY graphic! Dr. Sandra Lee or “Dr. Pimple Popper” does it again with another eye burning video. If you’ve watched these before you will agree that THIS video is more intense than the others especially at 2:34 minutes in…

large cyst

Dr. Pimple Popper writes:
This sweet gentleman accompanied by his wife and sister in law is visiting family in California for the holidays, having travelled from Chicago via train! During this visit, they scheduled an appointment with me with encouragement from his wife’s other sister (Tracy, HI Tracy!!) who couldn’t be present but who is a popaholic!

He has this cyst on his back which was previously removed by a dermatologist in Illinois when it was much smaller, but it has returned and has grown bigger. Tracy has watched many of my videos on YouTube, and recommended that he see us. Thank you Tracy, for sending your family to us! We tried to take extra great care of them, they are so sweet, and we are lucky that you have heard of us! Only sorry that we couldn’t meet you as well! The power of the internet!

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Many people have asked why the internal contents of this cyst as well as the cyst wall are so dark. The complete answer is “I don’t really know”. However, I DO know that I see darker cyst contents in darker-skinned individuals. Although this man’s skin is light in color, he is African American. And this makes sense, since epidermoid cysts contain macerated keratin which is essentially skin cells. Also the wall of the sac is composed of squamous epithelium (like the skin covering our body), and so if this skin is darker in pigment, I wouldn’t be surprised that the cyst wall is dark in color as well. I have seen African American patients with dark cysts and light cysts. However, I have yet to see a Caucasian with a dark cyst, though.

After reading all that and knowing the majority of the comments basically say:
It looks like poop haha :P

If you are still willing to WATCH the video below, I promise you: It’s memorable, you will not walk away disappointed and YOU will NEVER be the same! NOTE: Make sure you’re not eating while watching this video.

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