He Squeezed the MASSIVE Pimple on His Head… Watch What Squirted Out [GRAPHIC]

It’s called a Pillar Cyst.. not one, not two, but THREE cysts all clustered on this person’s scalp. I can never get through these videos…and at first, I thought it would be the same for this one, I was wrong. Because this time, the patient made it interesting…

WARNING: You are about to watch something gross.

Here are a few comments from viewers…

Matt Cornett18 hours ago
Thank you so much Dr Lee for filming these procedures. I struggle with depression, OCD, and anxiety and these videos always help me to unwind before I sleep and help me to honestly calm down and relax. I love it! Thanks again ?

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I recommend a ‘Walking Dead’ marathon…lots of stuff oozing for your viewing pleasure.

Gavy Carolina1 day ago
so no one thinks that one looks like a vagina?


peachesandpoets18 hours ago
She is the most irritating patient. Ugh how annoying


Карли Чебанова11 hours ago
requesting more soft pop videos please ?

I’m concerned for this one…

Sabin Acle22 hours ago
That was huge!

That’s what she said? No? …fine

BigRedYeti1 day ago
I’m probably the minority, but I enjoy to watch these videos when I’m eating lunch at work. Weird, huh?

For all the people that ask WHY THESE VIDEOS!? …. he’s why.

Bon Appetit!

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