The Supreme Court Just Took a MAJOR Stand Against Obama

The Supreme Court Just Took a MAJOR Stand Against Obama

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has come out and explained EXACTLY what Antonin Scalia’s death is going to mean for the court. He points out something very important about the vacancy…that offers some relief for the concerns of many Americans.


“We will deal with it,” he bluntly told an audience of law students, according to Associated Press.

He added that the court has in the past functioned just fine with a reduced number of members and that the Constitution does not mandate that the court maintain a certain size.

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In fact, the court initially started with only six justices. During the height of the Civil War, it grew to a notable 10.

“They must have been more agreeable,” Alito jokingly added in regard to the prospect of 10 intellectuals debating issues of the time.

The only potential problem lay with the fact that eight justices remained, meaning that there existed a possibility that the justices might wind up with a tie on cases involving important issues like abortion and illegal immigration.

If such a tie occurred, it would prevent the Supreme Court from resolving issues for the entire country and force the decisions made by lower courts to remain in effect.

Still, a deadlock in the courts would be better than President Barack Obama nominating yet another liberal justice to the bench, or so most conservatives have felt.

Regarding who he himself would recommend take Scalia’s place, Justice Alito reportedly replied, “I have enough trouble with the questions I have to decide.”

This is powerful news, but when Obama snuffs it off anyway and tries to elect someone, let us just hope the senate does their job.

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