Heartwarming Moment Police Mom Laid On Floor With Crying Boy – VIDEO

Heartwarming Moment Police Mom Laid On Floor With Crying Boy – VIDEO

The moving instant a police officer laid out flat on the floor to soothe a young boy who was upset and crying has been captured on camera for the Internet to enjoy, and judging by the treading, it’s being enjoy thoroughly.


Precious Cornner-Jones is an Indiana State Police Officer who was at Indianapolis Public School 88 on Monday when she came across the biggest call in the day – a young boy who had a doleful look on his face had dropped to the floor.

The 40 year-old officer and mother-of-three knew exactly how to handle the situation and made her way over to the young boy. The mother of the boy had explained to the officer that her son had been ‘expressing himself that way lately’.

Cornner-Jones later wrote down on her Facebook page, ‘I decided to get on his level and talk to him. He started to cry so I wiped his tears and told him it will be OK. As an adult sometimes all we want is one person to stop, get on our level and maybe wipe our tears. These children are entitled to bad days just as us, so give them that moment to bring it together. Get on someone’s level today and make them smile!’

Cornner-Jones told ABC News that after a few minutes of careful and caring gestures, the young boy was back to his old self and happily stood back up.

‘It wasn’t a cop moment, it was a mother moment.’ – I couldn’t agree more.


Cornner-Jones’ Facebook post has been shared hundreds of times since she posted it earlier this week and the feedback has been overpoweringly optimistic.

‘I LOVE this … And how I thought about it several times today. This is very beautiful,’ Rachel Strange wrote.

‘U R (sic) AWESOME! Thank GOD for your insight and bravery,’ Dianna Ray also wrote.

‘Precious you are amazing. Who knows what this little fella has going on. If more ppl (sic) would think to do something like this instead of judging, turning their heads to ignore, or admonishing a child for being overwhelmed our world would be a better place,’

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