HERO Mailman REVIVES Motionless Man In The Street- What He Did Right After That? Unheard Of!

HERO Mailman REVIVES Motionless Man In The Street- What He Did Right After That? Unheard Of!

A mailman found a man lying motionless in the street – before reviving him with CPR and then finishing his route. What an amazing man:


George Clifford was halfway through his 60-mile route in Pittsford, Vermont, when he came across what he thought was a deer that had been struck by a vehicle.

But when the 51-year-old approached, he found a man lying in the road not breathing and without a pulse.

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Clifford said he called 911 who asked if he knew CPR – and when he said he had, he started chest compressions.

Moments later a bystander arrived on the scene.

Clifford, who has been delivering mail in the area for 17 years, told Vermont Public Radio: ‘Right about then the man gasped for air. And I just said, “Holy expletive!” to the 911 operator. And I said, “He just took a breath!” And the other guy goes, “He just took another breath and his color’s coming back!”‘

Emergency crews arrived on the scene and rushed him to Rutland Regional Medical Center.

But despite being ‘really rattled’ by the drama, Clifford insisted on completing his mail route.

It later emerged that he had helped save the life of 72-year-old Michael Hefner of West Rutland who had been visiting his son in the area.

He had apparently collapsed while out on a walk.

Mr Hefner’s son Matt said his father was on the road to recovery and that the patient was due to meet Clifford over the weekend.

This is one lucky man that seemed to have had a bad incident that was mitigated by Mr. Clifford. Kudos to him not only for being in the right place at the right time, but for saving a life as well.

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