Teenage Girl Thought She Was Having A PAINFUL Bowel Movement- But It Was MUCH MUCH MORE!

Teenage Girl Thought She Was Having A PAINFUL Bowel Movement- But It Was MUCH MUCH MORE!

A 17-year-old teenager says she didn’t know she was pregnant for a full nine months, before she unexpectedly gave birth to a baby boy while going to the bathroom. This is beyond unbelievable:

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Braeley Pettigrew, a high school junior from Racine, Wisconsin, felt sick early Tuesday morning so she went to the bathroom.

The teen thought she was having a bad bowel movement but she was shocked when she looked down in the toilet to see a baby boy.

‘What was going through my mind was to make sure he was OK and to get him out and put a towel around him and cut the umbilical cord. But I was also scared,’ Pettigrew told WISN. ‘I didn’t know what to do. I was in shock.’

Pettigrew says she didn’t know she was pregnant, and didn’t know how her mother was going to respond, so she wrapped the baby boy up and then pretended that he had been abandoned at their doorstep.

Her mother saw the blood on her daughter’s clothes though and knew something was wrong, so she called the police and the new mother and son were taken to the hospital.

The little boy is currently in the NIC-U at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare.

Later, after her mother sent her an encouraging text message at the hospital, Pettigrew admitted the baby boy was hers and has since decided to keep the little boy she has named Kayden.

Pettigrew is still confused as to how she didn’t know she was pregnant. She says she plays basketball for her high school team and never had a problem finishing the season.

‘No weight gain … no movement,’ Pettigrew said.

A standout student, Pettigrew and her mother planned to tour colleges this spring.

Last year, she was also nominated as a delegate to represent the state of Wisconsin at the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

The national program honors academically superior high school students dedicated to the service of humanity through medicine, according to the Journal Times.

Pettigrew was selected for the program due to her outstanding academic record, leadership potential and desire to work in the medical field.

She plans to finish high school and get a college degree as planned.

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