HILARIOUS VIDEO: Three Bears Get Chased Off A Property By A Tiny French Bulldog

HILARIOUS VIDEO: Three Bears Get Chased Off A Property By A Tiny French Bulldog

What’s that old phrase? “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of fight in the dog.” One dog showed what he was made of in a video that is making its way around the web. Check it out:


A brave little bulldog proved size means nothing after she chased away three bears from her California home.

Jules, a 20lb French bulldog, took her guard dog responsibilities seriously when the bears approached her family’s property in Monrovia on Friday.

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Despite the creatures being several times her tiny size, Jules didn’t hesitate to charge down the porch steps to force the intruders away.

At first, the bears, believed to be a year old and weigh more than 100lbs, fight back, but then one is seen scurrying up a fence to escape the tiny dog in footage captured on surveillance cameras.

Her owner David Hernandez told CBSLA.com: ‘She blew me away, couldn’t believe that she turned into a wolverine.’

Jules was rewarded for her courage with a bath, treat and plenty of affection from her grateful owners.

The surveillance footage showed two bears wandering into his yard while a third sat on the balcony, out of the camera’s shot.

Bears are common around the family’s home in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Hernandez said a wildfire in the area has affected the food supply in the the foothills for the bears – meaning more have been coming down in search of food.

He added that some of his neighbors encourage further visits by feeding the bears, adding ‘there’s one lady who actually makes them meatloaf.’

But Hernandez said it is illegal to do so – and he is not taking any risks with two children in the house.

‘There is nothing more dangerous in a forest than a mother bear, nothing,’ he said.

He has boarded his daughter’s window up to stop bears sliding the glass open – and installed security cameras to keep a close watch on his property.

Despite the danger, Hernandez and his family won’t be leaving the area.

‘You could have drive-bys or you can have bears,’ he said. ‘For me, I’ll choose the wildlife, but just don’t feed them.

This is one of the most unexpected things I have ever witnessed. Attitude can count for more in a fight than size and this dog proves it!

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