Hillary Clinton Watches Poll Numbers Plummet

Hillary Clinton Watches Poll Numbers Plummet

Even the left-leaning mainstream media can’t keep Hillary Clinton’s campaign afloat amid a series of scandals of her own creation. Only 3 in 10 voters find her to be trustworthy! Of course, that’s three more than SHOULD find her to be honest, but I digress.

474390234-640x480-640x480From Breitbart:

espite the best efforts of CNN and Brianna Keiler to give Hillary Clinton a series of softball questions that would allow the Democrat presidential frontrunner to clean up all her scandals and well-publicized ethical lapses, in the latest Associated Press poll, her favorability numbers have actually decreased since their last poll in April.

Clinton’s biggest problem is that just 3-in-10 voters see her as honest.

The mega-scandal around Clinton’s decision to wipe her email server clean after Nixon-ing thousands of emails is dwarfed only by the Clinton Family Foundation’s serial-ethical lapses and apparent corruption revealed by our own Peter Schweizer in Clinton Cash.

While the media has done its best to distract from the Clinton scandals with a month-long campaign of Todd Akin-ing Donald Trump, a public that now has access to the truth outside the media’s propaganda bubble through New Media hasn’t been distracted enough to forget the scandals, or that Clinton has yet to explain them to the satisfaction of anyone with any kind of moral compass.

The honesty issue is trickling down into other crucially important areas for Clinton.

Clinton’s favorability rating is a disastrous 39%, compared to 49% who view her unfavorably. That’s a full 8% increase in Hillary’s unfavorable rating  since April.

Among Democrats, Hillary’s favorability dropped 11-points, although it is still over 70%.

A mere 40% of those polled said Clinton is compassionate; a mere 30% described her as honest.

Even on issues of leadership, Clinton slipped. Those who see her as inspiring slipped from 44% to just 37%. This is especially surprising given the historic nature of her candidacy. Other women have run for president, but Hillary is the first with a serious shot at winning.

On the issue of decisiveness, Clinton slipped from 56% to 47%.

Clinton also isn’t likable. On the public stage she is brittle, cold, and acts like a robot dealing with too much data. Although its wasn’t asked, she is almost certainly upside-down on the all-important question of whether or not you’d want to have a beer with her.

If Vice President Joe Biden stays out of the race, it will only be due to the $47 million Clinton has raised for the primary election. Everything else has to be telling him to jump in.

A more self-respecting politician would politely bow out of a race that she is sure to lose, making way for better candidates. But not Hillary, no, she’s going to milk this for all it’s worth.

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