Hillary has TWO MINUTE LONG Coughing Fit in Front Of Audience

Hillary has TWO MINUTE LONG Coughing Fit in Front Of Audience

While this is not the first time Hillary Clinton has had an extended coughing fit in public, or while trying to give a speech, it’s definitely the most concerning. Given that people are now wondering about her health, all this does is give them more ammo.

And before anyone jumps on here with their whining and their stupid comments YES people cough all the time, and YES sometimes people cough for long periods, but you have to admit that it is kind of strange how many times this has happened. It almost lends credence to the idea that she’s had a stroke, and that it has affected her ability to swallow. This could ALSO be why she doesn’t publicly speak more than she has to.

Of course, depending on who you ask, this is all a vast right-wing conspiracy and we’re sexists.


After coughing for a bit, Hillary makes a very lame attempt at a joke where she claims in a very raspy voice that “every time I think about Trump I get allergic.”

Which isn’t even a proper sentence, mind you. You don’t “get allergic” you ARE allergic or you are suffering from allergies. Of course, her supporters aren’t smart enough to know that, and I’m probably a sexist hater for even suggesting that Hillary isn’t smart enough to know proper English.

In an effort to continuously rustle the jimmies of the left, make sure you watch this video:

All her stupid comment managed to do was draw attention to the fact that she was having an extremely long and awkward coughing fit. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t clever, and it wasn’t even well composed, it was just weird.

Now I get that if the average person was speaking publicly and they began coughing uncontrollably they would be absolutely mortified and try to do anything in their power to take the attention off of them, including making a terrible “joke.” However, we need to keep in mind that Hillary has been doing this for most of her adult life, and has had to deal with just about every awkward situation you can imagine, including coughing for a long period of time. You have to think that there would be some sort of “training” for this, where her handlers would go over how do deal with situations like this, and how to retain crowd interest despite the fact that you’re hacking up a lung.

But again, we’re all sexists for bringing this up and blah blah blah, *insert desperate attempt to change subject here.*

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