VIDEO: Liberal Piers Morgan Attacks 12-Year-Old Female Hunter: What If I killed Your cat?

VIDEO: Liberal Piers Morgan Attacks 12-Year-Old Female Hunter: What If I killed Your cat?

That’s it, Piers Morgan has officially lost what’s left of his tiny mind. Who threatens to kill a 12-year-old’s cat as a means of argument? It really says more about the mental state of this man that it does about the hobbies of a 12-year-old girl. Maybe she can claim to be triggered by his comments and then liberals will have to accept her into their safe-space and allow her to talk about how Morgan hurt her feelings without judging her.

Of course, she’s probably much, much stronger (both mentally and physically) than your average college-aged liberal.


Morgan repeatedly asked the girl how she would feel if he killed her cat and then celebrated “the slaughter.”

Of course, this question is irrelevant because she doesn’t kill pets, she kills wild animals, after acquiring licenses to do so.

The young girl has been bullied online, receiving death threats from people who boast their “tolerance” of alternative lifestyles.

Because the young girl didn’t appear to be apologetic for her actions, Morgan decided it was time for a more brutal approach to his questioning, and made the interview personal. As you can see in the video below, the young girl is quite visibly thrown off guard by this horrific question, and her father was forced to answer for her.

Watch the video below:

Ther young girl, confused by the stupid man’s stupid question, asks a question of her own; “So I can’t have a pet because I hunt?” Morgan doubled down on his morbid question.

Something that isn’t getting a load of attention, but that I find humorous is the salty female co-host sitting next to Morgan with her arms crossed over her chest and a very sour expression on her face. Apparently, this isn’t a topic that she enjoys, and it shows all over her face. She couldn’t look any unhappier if she had sucked on a lemon right before going on air.



The girl’s father is right in that these animals are not pets, they are wild animals that they are legally allowed to hunt. Instead of insulting a 12-year-old girl who takes advantage of this, and start screaming at the countries who allow this to happen. It seems like a situation where you’re shooting a messenger simply because you don’t like their actions, but you’re not punishing those who condone those actions through their legal system.

Either way, Morgan is just a washed-up journalist wanna-be who is willing to say or do just about anything to get his name in the news.

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