Hillary’s Email Scandal Just Got a LOT Worse

Hillary’s Email Scandal Just Got a LOT Worse

Another 551 emails from Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton’s homemade server, that has classified information in 84 messages and 3 of which were classified as “secret”….are now available.


This brings the totals to 22 “top secret,” 21 “secret,” and at least 1,666 classified documents. Clinton stated during the early days of the scandal that her server contained no classified documents whatsoever.

“The State Department took the unusual step of releasing more emails on a Saturday in the middle of a holiday weekend because of a court order last week that ensures a steady stream of releases between now and the end of February,” writes the New York Times.

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Rest assured, faithful Clinton supporters and donors of the New York Times, the State Department will still be able to keep some of the most radioactive Clinton emails secret until after the South Carolina primary, dropping them just a day before Super Tuesday. That last round of emails is probably going to be so heavily redacted that they look like bar-code stickers from a supermarket.

One of the other emails classified secret included a lengthy chain of messages involving the Sinai Peninsula that was copied to a number of administration officials. It included messages written in August 2012 by David M. Satterfield, a former ambassador who was serving as director general of the international peacekeeping force in the Sinai. At the time, the peninsula faced a growing insurgency after the ouster of Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, including an attack at a border post near Israel that killed 16 soldiers. The subject line in the final message, which was forwarded to Mrs. Clinton, read, “Molho on Sinai Tensions,” an apparent reference to the senior Israel security adviser, Isaac Molho. The contents have been redacted entirely.

The third “secret” email included a reference to Mr. Kerry’s wanting to speak to her. It was written during his visit in May 2011, when he was a senator, to Pakistan, where he sought to calm Pakistani anger over the secret raid that killed Bin Laden.

One grimly amusing passage from the Times story has the State Department claiming production of Clinton’s emails is moving at a snail’s pace because, as State official Eric F. Stein put it, “Several steps are involved in transferring documents from that system to a public-facing website while still protecting sensitive national security information.”

Really? That didn’t slow down Clinton’s aides at all. They merrily went about copying-and-pasting whatever Clinton wanted, from the secure system into her profoundly unsecure email server, as a matter of routine.

CNN also describes an email about Bill Clinton’s 2009 trip to North Korea, which ties several running Clinton scandals together into a neat package:

The emails included Doug Band, a longtime aide to the former president who accompanied him on the mission.

In one email, State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills noted potential security clearance issues if Band is present at a meeting or event after the departure.

Band has been at the center of a controversy related to the employment of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, who served as Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at State while simultaneously working for a private firm owned by Band.

Hey now let’s be fair. Hillary was under heavy sniper fire when she sent those emails. Yea….no, no she wasn’t.

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