Hooligan RIOT! Armed Russian Thugs and English Soccer Fans CLASH In A Bloody Brawl!

Soccer is well known as one of the most violent sports in the world… no, not on the field. In the stands are the much despised “soccer hooligans” who come to games ready for a fight, get boozed up and launch into each other with little provocation. And this week is no exception as an England fan is now fighting for his life after being attacked in France by Russian thugs.

This is just another reason soccer is a garbage “sport.”

We go to the Daily Mail for this foolishness…

Trouble between Russian and England supporters has flared up for the third successive day as the Old Port district in Marseille was left resembling a war zone.

Riot police have now fired water cannon into the crowd to try and quell the violence, with officers aiming blasts at England fans as they try to seal the dockside square by pushing rival supporters into surrounding streets.

Today marked the worst day of brutality in the Old Dock district since violence exploded onto the streets on Thursday and Friday. Riot police originally relied on tear gas and batons to disperse the crowd but have now ramped up their force in a bid to take control of the warring gangs.

Reports are currently confirming that six English fans have been arrested as a result of the violence while five have been left injured.

One England fan, who had been knocked to the ground and kicked in the head during a clash with Russian fans, is now fighting for his life in hospital.

The Russian hooligans, who reports say were armed with knives, charged at England supporters and set upon the middle-aged man, this afternoon.

Police were seen trying to resuscitate the man using CPR, while he was also placed in the recovery position, as he lay unconscious on the ground

The Provence newspaper reported: “An England supporter is in between life and death. The man who is in his 50s, who received a number of blows to the head, is in a critical condition. He suffered a number of injuries.”

Seriously. We have Muslim terrorism besetting the world and these morons want to put each other in the hospital and in jail over soccer.

Warner Todd Huston

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