INSANE: Wife-beater Avoids Jail By Apologizing, Then Kills Wife a Month Later

INSANE: Wife-beater Avoids Jail By Apologizing, Then Kills Wife a Month Later

“I’m sorry” is what you say when you accidentally do something, not for when you beat your spouse. You can say it until you’re blue in the face, but you should still face jail time. One man, Charles Forster, evaded prison by uttering a simple, meaningless apology, and is now being charged with the murder of his wife.


From The Daily Mail:

An alcoholic with a history of violence escaped prison by apologising to his wife for brutally attacking her – then beat her to death weeks later.

Now police forces have been ordered to stop the practice of ‘restorative justice’ because of fears that domestic abusers have such control over their victims that they can force them to accept an apology.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal the new guidelines were brought in after the horrific case of Charles Forster, who was violent towards Susan, his wife of 28 years.

Forster had been visited by Durham Police four times but was never prosecuted. On April 20, 2011, officers visited the couple’s home near Bishop Auckland after one of their children reported her mother had a badly bruised face.

Mrs Forster, 51, tearfully told a female constable that her alcoholic husband had pushed her during an argument, causing her to bang her head.

But she did not want to press charges, and as Forster appeared to be ‘remorseful’ police dealt with the incident by way of restorative justice.

But just 27 days later, Forster murdered his long-suffering wife, who worked as a carer. A neighbour heard him shouting ‘Get up off the floor’ and ‘I’m going to f****** kill you’. Through a window, the neighbour saw him hitting her with his metal walking stick.

Mrs Forster was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene on May 17, and was later found to have suffered 11 broken ribs as well as 21 injuries to her head and neck.

Forster, then 63, was given a minimum jail term of 13 years. He died behind bars last month.

This whole case is just unfortunate from tip to tail, and hindsight is always 20/20. I just hope that this teaches everyone that an apology just doesn’t cut it in the courtroom.

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