Man Accused of Trying To Induce A Miscarriage By Slipping Poison In Girlfriend’s Drink On Christmas

Man Accused of Trying To Induce A Miscarriage By Slipping Poison In Girlfriend’s Drink On Christmas

I guess there won’t be anymore shared moments under the mistletoe for these two. After Googling “Ways to cause a miscarriage” 25 year old Jarod Rebuck is accused of slipping an “herbal supplement” into his girlfriend’s drink in an attempt to kill their unborn child.


From The Daily Mail:

A man allegedly tried to killed his own unborn child by giving his pregnant girlfriend a poisoned drink so she would miscarry on Christmas Day.

Jarod Rebuck, 25, slipped an herbal substance into a drink for the Kayla Frye after researching what would kill the unborn baby, police said.

He allegedly bought a bottle of clary sage from an herbal supplement store near their home in Fishersburg, Indiana, after searching Google for ‘ways to cause a miscarriage’.

Detectives say he then slipped some of the substance into a drink for her – but she refused it because of its odd smell, Fox59 reported.

According to WISH-TV, Frye then looked through his cell phone and found attempts to research miscarriage-inducing chemicals in his search history.

She called police who arrested Rebuck and charged him with attempted feticide – the crime of trying to kill an unborn child. Detectives say he admitted to them that he was trying to kill the baby.

Clary sage oil is claimed to help with menstrual cramps or other forms of stress. But the substance is often accompanied with warnings against use in pregnancy.

Rebuck appeared before a judge in Madison County, who set his bail at $20,000 and gave prosecutors until December 31 to formalize charges.

Maybe he should have thought of all of that before engaging in baby creating behavior. Thank goodness the woman had the good sense to avoid drinking something simply because her boyfriend said it was okay. I hope the child is born safe, happy, and well away from that psycho.

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