‘It’s Time for a New Republican Party’: Conservative Superstar Slams ‘Republican Establishment’ and Jeb Bush at CPAC

‘It’s Time for a New Republican Party’: Conservative Superstar Slams ‘Republican Establishment’ and Jeb Bush at CPAC

Truer words have seldom been spoken than when conservative radio superstar Mark Levin slammed moderate Republicans during his epic CPAC speech. The Blaze reports on the speech that has conservatives everywhere talking:


He opened up the final day of the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference, and he made darn sure everyone knew that’s what he was: conservative.

“We are here not because we’re Republicans,” radio titan Mark Levin told the CPAC crowd on Saturday. “In fact many of us are here in spite of that fact.”

Then Levin went after the “Republican establishment” and called out presidential contender Jeb Bush by name.

“It’s time for a new Republican Party,” Levin said, appealing to the memory of Ronald Reagan as he called for conservatives to reject “crony capitalism” and pre-selected candidates.

“Reagan was an outsider,” Levin said. ”In fact, Reagan was opposed by a prominent family that seeks to occupy the White House for a third time.”

Continuing the not-so-veiled references to the Bush family as the audience booed, Levin said, ”The only dynasty I like is the Duck Dynasty.”

When he hit the topic of “uninterrupted waves” of immigration, Levin called out the former governor of Florida by name.

“This has never been the American experience. Immigration is to be managed, limited, gradual to allow for assimilation and Americanization,” Levin said. “You see, Mr. Bush, we love our country, too.”

Levin’s jabs came at the tail end of a conference that included Laura Ingraham tearing into the Bush familyBush’s name being booed by attendees and Bush’s appearance being marred by a walkout and rumors that he’d bussed in supporters to fill seats.

Levin is absolutely right! The GOP is supposed to serve as the conservative voice in Washington- not merely a less-extreme version of the Democrat Party. We need real solutions, real ideas and that is not going to happen with this current incarnation of the Republican Party.

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