The Gloves Come Off When King Abdullah Gives First Interview Since ISIS Burned a Jordanian Pilot Alive

The Gloves Come Off When King Abdullah Gives First Interview Since ISIS Burned a Jordanian Pilot Alive

When it comes to how real leaders are supposed to respond to the threat of terrorism, President Obama comes up lacking severely. However, Jordanian King Abdullah has been a man on a mission to destroy ISIS ever since the terrorist savages burned alive a Jordanian pilot. IJ Review details the King’s first interview since the atrocity:


In his first interview since the immolation of pilot and fellow Jordanian Lt. Muath al-Kasasbeh, King Abdullah of Jordan spoke to Fareed Zakaria of CNN:

Zakaria: “…What was your reaction when you first saw the video?”

Abdullah: “Well, I didn’t see the video…and many of us refused to see what I think is propaganda. Obviously I had a detailed briefing of what happened…my heart went out to the family…his wife–they’d only been married five months…I think all Jordanian soldiers, past and present, were angered by the brutality of what he was put through…and I think if ISIS, or Daesh, as we call them, try to intimidate Jordanians, it just had the reverse effect…we’ve always punched way above our weight…I think if anything, Daesh has got a tiger by the tail…it just sort of motivated Jordanians to rally around the flag, and the gloves have come off.”

The most provocative portion of Abdullah’s response came at the end, when he said that ISIS has grabbed a tiger by its tail, and that the gloves are off. A similar, gloves-off approach has been taken by Egypt, after 21 of their own citizens were brutally executed by ISIS just weeks ago.

With these attacks, a coalition of sorts has begun to form, comprised of nations whose people ISIS has specifically targeted.

Jordan and Egypt have responded to the recent actions of ISIS with an intensity that many have suggested is lacking on the part of the United States, despite the beheadings of multiple United States citizens at the hands of the radical Islamic organization.

Meanwhile, our so-called “leader” has refused to condemn radical Islam and appears more concerned with not offending Muslims than he is decimating ISIS and those who swear it is their duty to God to kill Americans.

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