Julian Assange, Friend Or Enemy To America?! [VIDEO]

Julian Assange, Friend Or Enemy To America?! [VIDEO]

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been making quite the rounds during this 2016 Presidential Election cycle. No longer is he a thing of the recent past. He’s active and still spilling the beans on everything having to do with American politics. The latest victim of his whistle blower dumps is the DNC, with specific emphasis on Hillary Clinton.


You may have forgotten about Assange, as he hasn’t been a main stay for any of the main stream media networks in a while. That’s just the way they operate…drive-by media and such. But no more. He’s front and center now.

Consequently, Assange has become conservative talk-radio host, Shawn Hannity’s best buddy as of late (having not too long ago called the man an enemy of America). With Assange seemingly helping propel Trump in the polls with his damning material he’s been dumping, it’s not hard to see why.

But what do we know of the man? Other than he has white, wispy hair, of course. If you are interested in knowing some facts about the man that could be sitting on a treasure trove of Hillary Clinton scandals, just waiting for the right opportunity to let em’ loose…take a look at these:


Assange was tried and condemned for “hacking activities” in 1995, but he wasn’t the only one. His friend also got to share the blame, but only Assange pleaded guilty to the charges. The little adventure turned out to be a very expensive one, as he was forced to pay back thousands of dollars in damages.

In 2006, Assange formed the now infamous WikiLeaks, which was originally meant to be a sort of “‘dead-letterbox’ for would-be leakers.”

Assange made a lot of threats to countries like China and Russia, claiming to have damaging information that he would release on the internet. He didn’t follow through and some wonder if he even had the evidence to begin with.

Julian Assange, back in 2010, made headlines all across America as having facilitated the biggest US information dump on the net…ever. That dump was said to have classified information, as well as the lists of field agents that were operating all around the world. The Taliban threatened to use this information to hunt down and kill U.S. assets.

Yeah. Assange is not a good guy.


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