Trump Just Got Some BAD News – Will You Still Support Him?

Trump Just Got Some BAD News – Will You Still Support Him?

Trump received some unwanted news yesterday….


The latest poll out of Iowa has Ted Cruz still ahead, this time besting Donald Trump by nine points.

A CBS News 2016 Battleground Tracker poll, which was released yesterday, shows 40 percent of Iowa Republicans supporting the Texas senator, while 31 percent support the billionaire businessman.

Marco Rubio continued to poll in third place, at 12 percent, while Ben Carson has 6 percent. Every other Republican has fewer than 2 percent of support, including Jeb Bush, who’s at 2 percent.



This is the fifth poll out of Iowa where Cruz has landed in the top spot, a trend that started in early December.

Trump has been pretty consistently in first place in Iowa, and has been since July, except for two weeks in October in which Carson lead the pack.

Cruz, however, can play it both ways – yes, he’s a United States senator, so he has government experience, but he’s also been branded part of the ‘outsider’ pack, thanks, in part, to some of the shenanigans he’s pulled since being in Washington.

Of those polled by CBS, 63 percent said that Cruz was electable, versus just 35 percent who found Carson to be electable. Cruz beat Trump and Rubio in this metric as well, with Trump polling at 41 percent and Rubio polling at 50 percent.

A majority of Iowa voters labeled Cruz as ‘prepared’ and ‘effective’ as well. And he, again, got higher percentages than the other three leading candidates.

Sixty-one percent described Cruz as prepared, compared to 48 percent for Rubio, and then 29 percent for Trump and 22 percent for Carson.

Trump performs a lot better when voters were asked if he would be an effective leader. He receives 42 percent support for this statement, while Cruz received the highest marks, at 55 percent.

Rubio received 36 percent support for being an effective leader, while Carson, once again, came in last for this metric at 25 percent.

And even though Trump is no longer in first place in Iowa, three-in-four Republican voters supported what he had to say.

When GOP voters were asked how they felt about what Trump was saying on the campaign trail, 74 percent said they were ‘glad someone says them, they need to be said and discussed.’

On the flip side, 21 percent said they were ‘unhappy someone says them, they don’t belong in a presidential campaign.’

And when Democratic voters were added to the picture and both parties were asked about Trump’s plan to ban non-

American Muslims from coming into the United States there was a split, with 50 percent of Iowa voters saying they supported Trump’s plan and 50 percent saying they were against it.


As long as its Cruz…and not Rubio beating him in polls…

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