Malia Obama Pictured With BONG at Frat House [PHOTOS]

Malia Obama Pictured With BONG at Frat House [PHOTOS]

Yikes…people are getting pretty outraged over a picture that Malia was found in. A picture that was totally taken by someone who obviously was trying to capture the picture in secret.

Here take a look…

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 1.42.00 PM

I’m sure you took notice of the item in the picture that looks a lot like a bong. Did you also see how the picture was taken at just the right angle for the said bong to be in the picture with Malia and perfectly placed so she couldn’t see the picture being taken?

It’s just sad. That’s all I’m saying. She looks like she thinks she is in a room of friends…obviously, she’s now learning one of life’s hardest lessons.

People seriously suck. Now let the trust issues begin…

Now, about the bong…

Maybe she is doing crazy teenage stuff she shouldn’t be doing. Maybe she isn’t…only the people in that room know. I personally, really don’t care.

I don’t care for a few reasons…

First…do you know who her dad is?


Who are we to judge. We have no idea what it’s like having to grow up in the White House with a dad that is destroying the greatest nation on earth. Then having to face the world once you’re out of the house heading to college. That’s quite a lot of pressure…and she’s a teenager. She has a lot to learn still before we can all start telling her ‘she should know better’

Second…Do you know who her mom is?


The woman single-handedly ruined the nation’s school lunches and is causing poor kids to be fat.

First lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch program is making the poorer children it’s supposed to help more likely to become overweight, according to new government-funded research.

Want more on that story? CLICK HERE.

So you can see how that might be a little awkward going out into the real world (kind of) and being the daughter of the woman who made the poorer kids ‘less healthy’.

It’s has to be rough!

Then there is my third reason…

To be quite frank, it’s a little bit of a relief to see Malia is partying it up. It makes her human. That’s not something I can say about Obama or the First Lady and it’s disturbing. I haven’t been able to view them as anything other than corrupters of good, destroyers of peace, Satan…

You get what I mean.

Should Malia be held to a higher standard because of who her father and mother are and the nation that she takes part in representing?

Sure, in a perfect world.

This is not that world.

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