Man Dies During Sex… But What They Find Attached to His Corpse? OMG

Man Dies During Sex… But What They Find Attached to His Corpse? OMG

This is so bizarre, I am not even sure what to think about it. This elderly man was in the middle of doing the dirty with a prostitute when he died…so he was happy. However, it was what happened to the prostitute AFTER…that makes this a story!

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A new LiveLeak video is captivating people around the world, and it’s because of something you can’t even see in it.

Miaopai, a Chinese online channel similar to YouTube, originally posted the video of unknown origins but thought to have happened in China, of an elderly man who died while having sex with a prostitute. According to Metro, they were stuck together, so first responders had to leave the woman on the gurney with the deceased.

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Though rare, the condition — known as penis captivus — is a real thing. According to the Daily Mail:

Dr John Dean, a UK-based sexual physician, previously told the BBC that when the penis is in the vagina it becomes increasingly engorged.

He said: ‘The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged.’

It had to have been awful when she realized he had died…and she was stuck. The emergency call alone…I mean, how do you even start that conversation?

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