Watch Ted Cruz DESTROY Smug ABC Host Who Tries to Corner Him

Watch Ted Cruz DESTROY Smug ABC Host Who Tries to Corner Him

The great thing about having nothing to hide is being untouchable by those that want to come in and twist you up in efforts to stump you. Like what just happened to Cruz. This ABC Host wanted to rock the boat, and Cruz sent him swimming.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz speaks to reporters before a campaign rally in Hollis

Senator Ted Cruz on Thursday battled with ABC’s Tom Llamas after the Good Morning America reporter accused the Republican of using “dirty tricks” against Ben Carson in Iowa. Regarding a press release and a tweet sent out by the Cruz campaign on caucus night, Llamas demanded, “Will you fire or suspend anyone at your campaign for putting out misinformation?…Is it a dirty trick to confuse voters?”

After noting that the story that Carson would be taking some time off came from CNN, Cruz challenged Llamas: “Is it a dirty trick to pass on your news stories? You’re in the business. Would you think it was if I forwarding an ABC story or just a dirty trick to pass on CNN stories?”

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When someone says, “We’re not going to scapegoat anyone,” that’s a pretty good sign of integrity.

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