Man Finds Pervert Raping His Girlfriend… Then He Does THIS

Man Finds Pervert Raping His Girlfriend… Then He Does THIS

You think you know who your friends are, until you don’t…and in this story, the so called “friend” is anything BUT that. A man returns home one night to find a friend over-stepping his boundaries with HIS girlfriend, to the illegal EXTREME!

WISTV reported that a man sexually assaulting a woman got a very big surprise when the woman’s boyfriend, who incidentally was related to the attacker, came home and saw what was happening.

When William Mattson, the attacker, was discovered, the boyfriend preceded to viciously punch and beat him until his face was almost completely black and blue.


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For his part Mattson has claimed that the entire encounter was consensual and that the boyfriend attacked him for no reason.

Mattson stated that “the victim was naked under her blanket, and he was fully clothed” during the incident. Mattson also stated that he and the victim were hugging and kissing, nothing more, when the boyfriend came him and started hitting him.

“The detectives had spoken to the victim and had instructed me the victim states the encounter was not consensual,” an investigator stated.

The boyfriend will not be charged with anything because he was acting “in defense of the victim.”

Maybe Mattson will think twice before he tries to rape someone. His face is going to take a very long time to heal and he probably will be left with several nasty scars as a result of his actions.

Really, even if he didn’t get caught in the act, he had to have known eventually that his decision to be a disgusting slime-ball was going to be discovered. Not too bright a fella…

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