Man Invoking #BlackLivesMatter Arrested For Trying To Organize Mass-Killing Of Whites

Man Invoking #BlackLivesMatter Arrested For Trying To Organize Mass-Killing Of Whites

Looks like threatening the people’s lives is not going to pay off well for Carlos Anthony Hollins. This is what we get when we breed a culture where we ‘accept’ and ‘tolerate’ all kinds of hate speech like ‘Black Lives Matter’. Yea, I said it. It’s more like ‘Black Lies Matter’, because all it is doing is creating a culture of fake race based crimes and hurting black Americans:


What do you expect when you have politicians apologizing for saying “all lives matter?”

Via NBC Washington:

A Maryland man is custody after police say he threatened to kill residents in the town of La Plata in a social media post.

Police say 20-year-old Carlos Anthony Hollins posted the threat on Twitter. According to the La Plata Police Department, the tweet read, “IM NOT GONNA STAND FOR THIS NO. MORE. TONIGHT WE PURGE! KILL ALL THE WHITE PPL IN THE TOWN OF LA PLATA.” The tweet also included the hashtag #blacklivesmatter.

“Purge” is a reference to the “The Purge” series. Both the original film and its 2014 sequel depict a night in which crime is legal for 12 hours without any consequences.

Nice, so this dude wants a 12-hour long punishment free time period to kill whites? Seems legit. I mean, we should tolerate this, right? Totally.

Enjoy jail, dude.

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