Man Loses $5,000 on One Hand of Video Blackjack & Goes Absolutely Nuts

Man Loses $5,000 on One Hand of Video Blackjack & Goes Absolutely Nuts

There is a rule in gambling that you should never bet more money than you are willing to lose. Of course, multi-million dollar casino resorts aren’t exactly funded by gamblers with calm fiscal sense; and online casinos are no different., an online streaming video platform utilized for video gaming, caught the explosive moment one gambler learned this lesson the hard way.


Twitch streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris brought us our latest meltdown when he played online blackjack Friday on a betting site with live dealers. As 40,000 people watched the stream, Sodapoppin placed a maximum $5,000 bet on his last hand.

Morris drew an ace as his first card, but his second card, a five, gave him either a six or 16. He hit and received a jack, putting him at a hard 16. With the dealer showing a six, Morris declined to hit again.

The dealer drew a second six, which meant only a face card would save Morris. Unfortunately, the dealer drew a third six, causing Morris to throw off his headphones and go absolutely nuts. He started throwing things and even ran into a wall while dropping F-bombs left and right.

(Video has some NSFW language)

To be fair, most people would probably get a little excitable if they just lost $5,000 on a single bet. Which is kinda why most people wouldn’t bet it in the first place. Someone should explain to Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris that the house always wins… Maybe he can brace for it next time.

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