VIDEO: Teacher takes off belt in classroom after students start fighting

VIDEO: Teacher takes off belt in classroom after students start fighting

teacherWhen I was growing up, it was common for the principal at my elementary to walk around the school with a baseball bat and whack kids right in front of everyone. Now, society has become so politically correct, teachers and principals don’t dare to do anything like that. Meanwhile, children’s behavior in schools has become out of control, with threats, knifings, and mass shootings. Do you remember mass shootings in the 1980s? Of course not. One teacher decided recently that he wasn’t going to put up with the brawling anymore and whipped off his belt.

Top Right News reports,

In a new cellphone video just hitting the Internet, a group of students are seen brawling in the middle of a classroom as desks and chairs crash and kids start to scatter.

But within seconds the teacher — approached the battle among four boys squirming on the floor and introduced them to a little old fashioned tool of discipline — his belt.

He brought the belt down on the group three times, quickly ending the fight as some students giggled and another squealed over and over again in terror. As the shocked students settled down amid their completely trashed surroundings, the teacher dictated the class’ obvious next order of business: “Clean this room up!”

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It’s unclear when or where the clip, posted to Live Leak on Friday, was recorded. The students appear to be wearing uniforms of some type, which could indicate they’re from a private school.

What do you think, did he go too far or has society become too politically correct? No doubt there will be a flood of lawsuits against the teacher, mostly motivated by activists, not even the kids themselves. Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Rachel Alexander

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