Marine Creates ‘Challenge’ for Kaepernick Jersey… And It’s Going VIRAL [VIDEO]

Marine Creates ‘Challenge’ for Kaepernick Jersey… And It’s Going VIRAL [VIDEO]

I can’t help but think the best way America could have handled Colin Kaepernick’s disrespectful prank on the National Anthem would have been to COMPLETELY ignore it. The act alone, is an act of defiance for others to see. Anytime someone wants to make a stand, it is only a stand if others acknowledge it.

I wish the a-hole never got his acknowledgement.

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Why should he? His utter disrespect for a nation that has allowed him to live and create the life he enjoys does not deserve to receive any American’s thoughts, or energy used to generate a response.

He was a joke of a QB and his talent on the field was disintegrating at best. He needed this.

In the world of celebrity, bad media is good media, if you’re already spiraling out. In Kaepernick’s case, the more he acts a fool…the bigger a hero he becomes to other fools.

This is Obama’s America…so we are not lacking in fools. For this reason, Kaepernick will not be lacking in perks for his disgusting move against America and her defenders.

However, not responding to him, is just way too difficult when you really just want the guy to go slap himself…

That won’t happen, BUT here is something that might fill that void. Something that seems to be catching fire (pun ABSOLUTELY intended) across the nation and you need to see what it’s all about.

Patriots, I give you the… Burn Colin Kaepernick Challenge.

I think this soldier just gave Americans a way to claim RETRIBUTION…in a way that honors the flag, responds to Kaepernick’s stunt with equal effect, and in a way you get to beat him up for being such a freaking jerkface!

I have a feeling Kaepernick’s jerseys are about to get a spike in sales…but not for the reason he would like. So what if he gets an extra big royalty check for a bit – money is nothing. Honor is everything…and he can’t buy that.

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