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For an interminable length of time — I have no idea how long it’s been, seems like forever — my name has been on the subscription list of the Obama campaign. I’m still bewildered and baffled by the thought process of the average Obama supporter. Can’t identify with them even a little bit. And, with the march of time, things seem to become only more confusing. In 2008, they were merely pie-eyed…so I thought…not thinking clearly, maybe indulging in some of what Michael Gerson once called “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” to wit: Oh look, Barack Obama, a black guy, just made it through a speech without breaking out into rap rhythm, or crapping His pants. Had no idea those people could do that! No other thought process explains how anyone could find Obama’s tedious speeches particularly remarkable…so, when they call the other side racists, it looks like yet another round of racists-calling-non-racists-racists. And so, we had all those people smiling and crying their tears of joy, in late 2008, relieved to discover America was not unready to elect a black guy as President after all. Then they apologized for ever thinking seriously that this might have been the case. Oh, wait, no they didn’t; with the election over, they busied themselves with accusing the other side of being racist all over again, as if the campaign was still ahead of them, oddly.

And now, Obama has finished off nearly one full term, clearly demonstrating the entire time that His brand of leadership is not what our economy needs. I said things are getting more confusing, and here is how murky and befuddling it is now: It is very, very, very important that Obama wins a second term this fall, because if He can’t do that, [blank].

What’s [blank]?

You figure out what that is, on Planet Obamafan…you drop me a line, okay? Because I’m completely lost here.

It is abundantly clear to me by now that they can’t say “If Obama is defeated, the economy is gonna tank.” They’d like to, but a statement of this sort would become such a parody of itself, instantaneously, that it might be tantamount to conceding the election. And so we get a bunch of silly stuff. Rumors that Gov. Romney hasn’t paid taxes over a ten-year period, entirely unsubstantiated, gossip really, and then some innuendo that since Romney isn’t releasing the tax returns the democrats want him to, he must be hiding something.

That is, for the most part, all the dirt the Obama campaign has been able to dish…so, a bit uncertain of these latest steps, I speculate that [blank] must be in there somewhere. The tax returns.

Vote Obama, so that we can have a President that provides paper documents on request…um…oh, dear, that’s a problem. We still can’t have the bin Laden death photo, the college transcripts, a bunch of other things…

And then, it gets weird. Obama has tax calculators that show Romney’s plans will gouge poor people so that rich people can make out like bandits.


Vote Obama, or else the poor people will be gouged. Which means, under President Romney, the nation’s oceans and oceans of debt will become everybody’s headache, not just a problem shoved off onto the “millionaires and billionaires.”

That works about as well as anything else. But here it gets even weirder. We’re all part of the nation, so if the nation’s debt load is becoming so out-of-control, so crushing and so devastating, that should be everybody’s headache…right? Those who insist otherwise, must therefore be insisting that everyone, save for the detested rich, enjoys some “right” not to care.

But this would directly contradict what Vice President Biden said, remember that?

“Wealthy people are just as patriotic as middle-class people, as poor people, and they know they should be doing more,” Mr. Biden said at the town hall in Exeter, N.H. “We’re not supposed to have a system with one set of rules for the wealthy and one set of rules for everyone else.”
The vice president’s comments were reminiscent of the campaign for the White House in 2008, when Mr. Biden forecast that wealthier Americans would pay more under an Obama-Biden administration.

“It’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut,” he said at the time.

So we all have to jump in, be part of the deal, we’re not supposed to have one set of rules for the wealthy and one set of rules for everyone else.

Vote for Obama — so we can have that very thing. The poor and middle-class get to sit on the sidelines and not jump in…Obama will make sure it’s the rich that get America out of the rut, nobody else should break a sweat. One set of rules for one, a different set of rules for the other.

Or, maybe I’m reading it wrong. I probably am. But if I am, then the question remains unanswered. Obama must win, because otherwise [blank]. What is [blank]? It’s still blank!

Two possibilities exist: One, there is no answer. Obama, and those who campaign with Him, and those who sympathize with all those who campaign…desperate as they may be to come up with an answer, cannot come up with one. Two, there is an answer but they’re afraid to say what it is. And then, of course, there is Three: I already nailed it with the “two different sets of rules” thing. Spend spend spend, is the plan, and let the rich people worry about the bill because nobody else should have to. Well, if that’s the case, someone needs to clue in the Vice President, or his speech writers.

But either way, this is the unworkable Obama paradox. We’re supposed to be electing these leaders so that the leaders pass laws, including tax policies, and those laws are supposed to make us a better people somehow. Part of being a better person, toiling away under the requirement imposed on you by these laws that force you to be good, is paying lots of taxes, the more the better. And yet — vote for Obama, because if He loses, then everyone is going to have to do this thing…not just the very rich people, but everyone…will be required to pay more taxes…which…makes…everyone…better…

I’m going to stop now, because this stuff gives me a headache. Besides of which, I think I’ve thought this thing out past the point where they have, which makes the exercise something like figuring Pi to twenty digits beyond the decimal point, based on measurements that are good only to four or five digits…someplace beyond back-there-aways, we have begun to process gibberish and essentially just waste whatever time and effort we’re putting into it.

We have a President in charge right now, who writes to me several times a week begging for three dollars.

But He cannot explain why He should win His re-election. He cannot form a list of bullet points, or even a single bullet point, to explain how that helps anyone but Him, and, I suppose, the people who directly benefit from His victory. He’s in charge of America but He cannot explain why He is good for America.

You know, I don’t think that’s a good thing.

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