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Liberalism, today, re-defines what it means to live in a community, and not in a good way.

It has everything to do with seizure of money and nothing to do with trust. When we build things while we belong in a community, we are to be denied the credit for building them; the community did that, and we are but its humble agents. Out of our earnings, whatever is above what we “need” as determined by the community, is to be placed in a community inventory.

But the important things about a community, are decidedly absent from this vision. We are not to be trusted with our own sense judgment, or with personal defense firearms, like members of a community; we cannot even earn respect from other members of the community, as community members, it is the community institutions that bestow, and thus direct, this respect.

Why the cognitive dissonance? Because liberalism lies about what it is. It restructures a community, ostensibly to ensure that all members within the community are “equal,” but the real purpose is to minimize the effort put into a conquest by a few members, to achieve maximum result of such conquest — to expand the influence held by those few, over the rest of the community, while those few have to exert themselves as little as possible, do as little as is necessary to demonstrate their dedication and talent, before achieving superior rank over the balance. THAT is what liberalism is in this day and age.

Liberals want us to work and trade with each other just like ants, or bees; breed like fruit flies; raise our progeny just like bovines, with the cow raising the calf alone, while the bull goes on to spread his seed to other cows…

…and argue politics like cuttlefish, squirting off with a load of opaque, confusing nonsense, swimming away from the “threat” as fast as can be managed. Said threat being that cool-headed, rational, reasonable and logical exchange of ideas they say they want so badly.

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