Mexican Thug Pulls Gun on Trump Supporter… Gets the Surprise of His LIFE!

Mexican Thug Pulls Gun on Trump Supporter… Gets the Surprise of His LIFE!

When thugs tried to trash Trump signage from the lawn of one of the front-runners supporters– the Trump fan took immediate action telling them to fix what they had done…it was at that point they threatened him with major harm. However, another Trump supporter took action- showing us all if you mess with one Trump supporter, you mess with them all.


When three Hispanic thugs, one of whom was armed, tried harassing a supporter of 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, they quickly learned why messing with one Trump supporter means messing with all Trump supporters.

According to Georgia station WRCB, the incident in question occurred on Tuesday in the quaint town of Dalton, where three thugs rudely snatched resident David Grant’s “Trump for President” sign from his lawn and threw it into the street.

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When Grant confronted them and demanded that they fix the sign immediately, one of them decided to act like a mobster.

“He said you are about to get a cap popped in your a**!” Grant recalled. “Then he started patting his stomach and then showed a handgun.”

Unfortunately for the wannabe Don Corleone, Grant’s neighbor witnessed everything from his driveway and was not about to let his pal get hurt.

“My neighbor looks at me dead in the eye and say: ‘I got you, hang on,’” Grant explained. “He runs in the house and comes back out with his pistol and says: ‘Nobody is shooting him.’”

That apparently did the trick, because the three Hispanic thugs then hightailed it out of there, thinking perhaps that they might be able to return later. Wrong.

The police reportedly caught the goons soon after and hit them with various charges, including trespassing, aggravated assault, making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana.

The left often accuses Trump and his supporters of acting like Nazis, but history shows that it was the Nazis who tried to censor or eliminate any form of media that threatened their beliefs. And what these Hispanic thugs tried to do on Tuesday was exactly that.

I have always been taught growing up, when you’re doing something right, life will seem like you’re always going uphill. I think the same applies for Trump. Opposition is strongest against those who are trying to do good, and he’s been getting backlash since day one, even from his own “team”. Interesting.

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