Reba McEntire Shocks Fans With MAJOR Announcement

Reba McEntire Shocks Fans With MAJOR Announcement

They say when it rains it pours, and Reba seems to be in the midst of a hailstorm right now. The hits just keep coming, but as you know- Reba is one tough cookie. If anyone can rise up and be strong through hard times, she is definitely built for it.


Reba McEntire was married to Narvel Blackstock for 26 years. They had one son together who is now a professional racecar driver.

Reba announced the divorce on Facebook and received nothing but good messages in response. She was extremely thankful for the support that her fans showed her.

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Reba has stayed quiet about the divorce and no one bothered her about it. Divorce is hard and people need their space when dealing with a relationship evolution. Reba said the Narvel and her are still friends and always have been. Reba then told

Cody Alan that she wanted nothing to do with the divorce. She said, “I didn’t want it in any shape, form, or fashion so it was really hard to make the adjustment.”

Reba was coerced into the divorce. Her husband forced her because he was “unhappy.” My heart goes out to Reba. I don’t know their relationship, but I think that Narvel has made a mistake.

Reba says that she always wants to make people happy. If that means letting someone go then she would do it. She was deeply saddened by the divorce and turned to God to help her through it. She prayed every day to help her get over the love of her life.

Reba was also thankful for all of her friends and family that supported her during the hard time. She is blessed to have amazing support in her life.

At 60-years-old Reba plans to love the one true man in her life, her son.

Its hard to with divorce, but having to deal with it in the public eye is worse Will you send your thoughts and prayers to Reba?

God bless this family in their time of trial. Reba…you got this!

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