Miranda Labert Just STUCK IT to Obama With This…

Miranda Labert Just STUCK IT to Obama With This…

This is one superstar that won’t depend on bodyguards for protection. She’s been on the receiving end of a death threat before and trusts only herself to do the protecting. Obama would cry if he heard what she was doing…and real tears this time.


Miranda Lambert is one bada– broad (we mean that lovingly) that you do not want to cross. Why? Because much like the protagonist of her smash ‘Gunpowder and Lead,’ she carries a weapon. It may not be a shotgun, as the lyrics proclaim, but make no mistake — Lambert is armed. The reason she guns up? She was the recipient of a death threat and needs to protect herself, which she does by taking matters into her own hands.

In her cover issue of Self, Lambert celebrates 15 things she is not apologizing for, and her self-protection is one of them. “I carry a weapon. I got a death threat a few years ago and was really scared. But I don’t want bodyguards. I am my own security,” she tells the magazine.

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The ‘Over You’ hitmaker also addressed her outspokenness regarding Chris Brown, the pop star who famously beat his girlfriend Rihanna before the Grammys a few years ago. Lambert said she will never say she’s sorry for being vocal about what she thinks, either.

“I say what I think,” she declared, as if there was ever any question. “My song ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ is about domestic violence. When I saw [Chris Brown perform] at the Grammys, it upset me. I felt like the entertainment industry wasn’t sending a good message. So I tweeted about it. [“He beat on a girl…. Not cool that we act like that didn’t happen.] I could have kept it to myself, but I’m glad I didn’t. If I saw him, I’d say, ‘We need to talk about you not doing this ever again.’ And I might have to use some curse words to get my point across.”

Guns and girls…great combination.

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