The Entire Room Started Laughing at Obama, Then THIS Happened

The Entire Room Started Laughing at Obama, Then THIS Happened

Obama has done more questionable things as the President, than any President in the history of the United States of America. Now someone has created a list of some of Obama’s biggest cringe worthy moments.

The biggest ‘I never thought I’d see my president do this’ moments of 2015:

1. Obama was featured on a comedy show and told the world (more than we want to know) about his unmentionables.

In a special episode of ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ President Barack Obama takes time out of his busy schedule to get in a 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe with Jerry Seinfeld and film a comedy show. (No this is not a joke.)

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With one elbow out the window, the commander in chief explains how much he would love to once again have anonymity. When asked who his favourite president would be, he answers, Teddy Roosevelt, because “he did some pretty crazy stuff and seems like a cool guy.” Obama also goes on to explain what his underwear drawer and it’s contents looks like… you just can’t make this stuff up.

2. Obama repeatedly failed to acknowledge and respect our troops.

Of all the American people thankful for our loyal troops, you would think the President of the United States would be among the most grateful for them. But with Obama, that is certainly not the case. Obama has become a repeat offender when it comes to failing to respect our loyal veterans and sacrificial troops.

Pictured below is Obama giving one sorry ‘salute’ while holding his coffee cup:


Another time, Obama had the audacity to ask Marines to hold his umbrella. Video below:

And perhaps the worst of them all, here’s the time Obama didn’t even see the Marine standing guard beside his private jet. Video below:

3. Obama joined a comedian to joke about ‘North Ikea’, hangovers, and his sketchy birth certificate.

In a cringe-worthy episode of ‘Between Two Ferns’ with Zach Galifianakis, Obama sits down to contribute his own inappropriate jokes. And it’s not funny. In fact, it’s just nauseating.

4. Obama has used taxpayer dollars to fund $70.5 million of his family’s personal vacations.

While I’m all for vacations, the President should be using his own money. In 2015 alone, Obama spent $11.6 million on trips that were all or largely personal. He really put taxpayers’ hard-earned money to ‘good use.’


5. Obama bows to Saudi King.

Perhaps one of the most disturbing moments in Obama’s presidency. The President of the United States of America (of all people) should know better than to bow, much less to the fanatical Saudi king. Though when we really think of it, maybe Obama’s ignorance is due to the fact that wasn’t raised in America to begin with.

Newt Gingrich took the words right out of our mouths when he said, “I want America to become so energy independent that no American president ever again bows to the Saudi king.” But the truth is, no American President should have ever bowed to him in the first place.


6. Obama poses for selfie at Mandela’s funeral.

What do teenage girls and the President of the United States of America have in common? Selfies at memorial services of course! Of all the narcissistic things he could have done at a funeral, this one has got to be the worst. It’s almost too humiliating to look at. What a disgrace.


7. Obama refuses to acknowledge Israel as an independent nation and instead sides with ISIS.

Interview after interview, Obama refuses to call ISIS by its proper acronym for the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” or simply the “Islamic State” and instead uses the term “ISIL”. The reason why will make you ill.

Every time Obama says “ISIL” he is speaking of the geographical term “Levant”, which refers to a multi-nation region in the Middle East. It’s a land bridge between Turkey to the north and Egypt to the south. If you look on a map, however, in the near exact middle of the nations that comprise the Levant, guess what you see? It’s none other than Israel.

When Obama says “ISIL” he is saying to the muslim world, “I do not recognize Israel as an independent nation.” Read more about this here.

In the following footage, Obama clears up any confusion as to which side he’s on when he literally spells out, “I-S-I-L”, sending a strong message to Israel telling them he’s not on their side. Watch below:

8. Obama uses every mass shooting to push his sinister gun control agenda and defy our Constitution.

With every heart wrenching mass shooting our nation has seen throughout Obama’s administration, our president fails to properly acknowledge the grieving families and instead turns it into a show pushing his gun control agenda. It lacks tact and is so inappropriately timed, it’s simply sickening.

When will these liberals see the light? Gun control is not the answer. Perhaps as Hitler once so plainly explained, there is more at play here: “To conquer a nation, first disarm it’s citizens.” – Adolf Hitler, 1933

Everyone makes mistakes, Obama just insults.

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