Moonbat Bill Nye: We Need To “Redistribute Wealth” With A Carbon Tax

If a kids TV star had to try and get involved in public policy, why couldn’t it be Pee Wee Herman?  Instead, Bill Nye the Marketing Major is now lecturing colleges on economics and a carbon tax…


Speaking to students at the University at Albany, Bill Nye the Science Guy said that a carbon tax was needed for the purpose of redistributing wealth.

“We need, dare I say it, a tax, or should I say a fee,” Nye purportedly said Wednesday, right before an anonymous student began recording.

“It’s not just to be mean, it’s to redistribute wealth,” Nye said.

Personally, I think he should stick to children’s programming, but I’m just a blogger as opposed to a self professed ‘science guy.’ But if you leave here with nothing else, leave with this kicker from Nye: “The trouble with this is, there are people now, in the U.S. government, who don’t like government.”

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