That’s ruff: Woman sued for $65,000 by owner of dog obedience school for posting negative Yelp reviews

It’s a tail (get it, like a dog’s tail) as old as time.  Woman has bad experience at a business. Woman posts about her bad experience on the internet. Business owner sues woman for $65,000.


A Virginia woman who barked online about her pup’s experience at a dog obedience class is now feeling the bite of a $65,000 defamation lawsuit.

Jennifer Ujimori is being sued by Dog Tranquility in Burke, Virginia, after she took her puppy to obedience class and then wrote negative reviews about it on Yelp and Angie’s List.

Dog Tranquility’s owner, Colleen Dermott, filed the suit because she claims Ujimori’s reviews were false and they did her business harm.

Since the lawsuit became public, her Yelp page has been filling up with negative reviews. Ujimori’s attorney said he doesn’t believe customers imagine typing out a review, “can result in getting slapped with a $65,000 lawsuit.”

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