MSNBC Host: If You’re Not Sure Roy Moore’s Yearbook Signature Is Real, Why Show It? [VIDEO]

MSNBC Host: If You’re Not Sure Roy Moore’s Yearbook Signature Is Real, Why Show It? [VIDEO]

I think it would be fun to pretend to be the moral compass of America and lecture folks about how wicked they are and feel good about myself for the excoriation I unleash. And here is my first tidbit America, be careful who’s yearbook you sign. You never know when it might come back to bite you. That boy you secretly liked? Don’t write “Have a Good Summer” in his yearbook, because it might be misconstrued in the affidavit years later in your sexual assault trial against him. This is the kind of common sense that has been lost in the later generations. What a shame.

Gloria Allred, everyone’s favorite lawyer, is the legal council for Beverly Young Nelson, the accuser of Roy Moore. The debacle is surrounding a yearbook, which Allred claims is evidence that Moore knew Nelson was interested in him romantically. Moore’s people say the yearbook is doctored, something Allred says is not true. Sounds like interesting stuff.

Allred used to say she will not show the yearbook unless the Senate holds a hearing on Roy Moore, who is a mere candidate for Senate and not a member. She was setting up an impossible caveat in order to grandstand, everyone knows it. She is now going to show the signature at a press conference. Even MSNBC called this a bad move.

You know it’s bad when MSNBC, the worst kind of partisan journalism, is questioning your tactics. If Allred actually did doctor this signature, Moore will definitely have to sue her. There’s nothing much worse than being accused of sexual assault in this country. It can ruin you.

I’m not sure if Roy Moore is guilty. I think we should let the actual police and courts handle it, instead of lambasting him in the court of public opinion. Remember, we should always believe the accusers, unless of course the accused is a friend of Lena Dunham’s.

I’m just tired of all the bickering. We should let law enforcement do its job, we should take rape allegations seriously and weigh all the evidence we have. Of course, leftists will always protect their own, although that may be cracking soon. That doesn’t mean we have to have the same standards when it’s someone on “our side.”

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