Muslim Children in Yemen Set a Boy on Fire in a Cage While “Playing” ISIS

Muslim Children in Yemen Set a Boy on Fire in a Cage While “Playing” ISIS

Oh, this is just twisted…

Remember that “religion of peace” that Obama continues to defend? A new report from the Gateway Pundit discusses the “game” played by Muslim children in Yemen where the children played the role of “ISIS” and burned another boy in a fashion similar to that of the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive for the whole world to see.


The boy, who was rescued by locals who heard him screaming, suffered severe burns on his legs.
The Daily Mail reported:

A group of children in Yemen have attempted to burn a 10-year-old boy to death after first locking him in a cage in a shocking imitation of the Islamic State’s murder of a Jordanian pilot.

As many as seven boys are believed to have attacked the as-yet unnamed victim in Al Dahthath village in the country’s northern Ibb province.

The defenceless child was then locked in a wooden cage and had petrol poured over his body before being set alight. Thankfully a group of locals spotted the attack and managed to save the boy’s life, although he was still left with horrific burn injuries on his legs.

Local journalist Mohammad Mouzahem was told about the attack and posted details of it on his Facebook page, according to Gulf News.

The boys are understood to have been inspired by murders committed by ISIS after using mobile phone apps such as WhatsApp to share gruesome videos of the terror group’s atrocities, despite living in a remote village where electricity supplies are unreliable.

Boys will be boys is one thing, but this is just twisted and indicative of the kind of mindset we’re dealing with. No, not all Muslims are committed to violence. No, not even most Muslims are committing violence in the name of Allah; however, those who tacitly allow the prevalence of such twisted ideology are complicit in the holy war being waged against the West and these little boys’ actions are indicative of a cultural malaise that needs to be addressed in the Islamic world.

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