Texas Leaders Seek Investigation Into Obama Admin’s Amnesty Lies in Federal Court

Texas Leaders Seek Investigation Into Obama Admin’s Amnesty Lies in Federal Court

President Obama and his administration may soon have some explaining to do as Texas officials are now investigating the truth behind what the Obama Admin has been saying concerning the president-turned-emperor’s unilateral amnesty decree. Breitbart reports:


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a motion for discovery on Thursday to investigate whether the Obama Administration misrepresented actions taken under President Obama’s executive orders granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick quickly issued statements of support of the call for an investigation. The issue revolves around admissions by the Administration that tens of thousands of work permits have already been issued to illegal immigrants, a direct contradiction to facts presented in federal court.

“In an apparent attempt to quickly execute President Obama’s unlawful, unconstitutional amnesty plan, the Obama Administration appears to have already been issuing expanded work permits, in direct contradiction to what they told a federal judge previously in this litigation,” said General Paxton in a press release obtained by Breitbart Texas. “The circumstances behind this must be investigated, and the motion we seek would help us determine to what extent the Administration might have misrepresented the facts in this case.”

On February 16th, the federal court issued an injunction enjoining the President’s executive action. The injunction was granted in a lawsuit originally filed by then Texas Attorney General Abbott. The lawsuit was joined by twenty-five other states.

Governor Abbott commended Paxton’s action investigating the Obama Administration. “I commend Attorney General Paxton for continuing to hold the Obama Administration accountable, and I’m confident an investigation would find the Administration knowingly or recklessly misled a Federal Court in issuing thousands of amnesty documents illegally,” said Governor Abbott in a statement Thursday afternoon. “President Obama has continued to show complete disregard for the Rule of Law by acting beyond his Constitutional authority at every stage of this process.”

Texas has long been, and continues to be, a thorn in the side of the ever-expanding federal government. Texans take their sovereignty seriously and as this president waves his phone and pen to create laws that adversely affect Americans (especially those in the Southwest), he should expect more fights like this to come.

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