Wyoming FINALLY Makes It Legal to Buy Food Directly From Your Neighbors and Local Farms

Wyoming FINALLY Makes It Legal to Buy Food Directly From Your Neighbors and Local Farms

In a move that, quite frankly, should never have required legislative action, Wyoming lawmakers and governor approve a bill that now takes government out of the conversation about how people get their food. Rare.us reports on the commonsense bill that helps stop overregulation of food in Wyoming:


In a win for farmers, deliciousness, and just plain common sense, Wyoming’s governor signed a bill this week which will “stop overregulation of locally produced foods” by making it illegal for the state government to require “licensure, permitting, certification, inspection, packaging, or labeling” when farmers sell food directly to consumers.

In practice, this means that farmers markets and small food stands will be able to proceed without the interference of government busybodies. As the bill explains, its purpose “is to allow for the sale and consumption of homemade foods, and to encourage the expansion of agricultural sales by farmers markets, ranches, farms and home based producers.”

The bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Tyler Lindholm, says it will “take local foods off the black market. It will no longer be illegal to buy a lemon meringue pie from your neighbor or a jar of milk from your local farm.”

Constituents like Lisa Glauner approve. “The government is not my parent,” Glauner says. “I would much rather have food the way God made it than to have FDA-approved food that is not even real, like Kraft macaroni and cheese that doesn’t even have real ingredients.”

Health and safety standards are important and one of the leading factors in what separates the U.S. from developing nations; however, adults should be allowed to assess for themselves the risks involved in receiving food directly from its source.

You know… how society did it for thousands of years…

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