Muslims Beat Christian Man & His 8-Months Pregnant Wife!

Muslims Beat Christian Man & His 8-Months Pregnant Wife!

The ‘religion of peace’ is at it again with their favorite past-time: showing their power by beating the weak and defenseless. This group of Muslims attacked a pregnant woman and her Christian husband on the street.

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The Muslims swore at the Christian man and then attacked him with a broken bottle.
A 25-year-old Eritrean was out last night with his 24-year, eight months pregnant wife and two other Eritreans (21 and 23 years) in a grocery store on a street.

When leaving the REWE they met a group of about 10 Algerians. As one of the Algerians saw the wooden cross on the neck of the 25 year-old, he swore at him. This led to public dispute between all.

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An Algerian repeatedly struck the 25 year-old with a glass bottle. The pregnant woman was also attacked. The Algerians then fled, including the perpetrators behind the bottle attack.

To attack a man is one thing but to attack his wife… his wife who is pregnant is completely another. I couldn’t imagine what was going through this mans mind as he tried to protect his wife and baby. Despicable people who could even participate in such acts… even more disgusting are the religious groups who do not speak out against it!

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