Why Corrupt Media Machine makes Ahmed Mohamed a household name and Tyjuan Poindexter not a mention

Why Corrupt Media Machine makes Ahmed Mohamed a household name and Tyjuan Poindexter not a mention

Ahmed MohamedTyjuan PoindexterIn the state of Texas, a 14 year old Muslim boy, named Ahmed Mohamad, brings a clock he made to school for show and tell. His invention, to the untrained eye, did not remotely look anything like a clock.

And to a teacher at the school her perception was that the device Ahmed brought to school looked more like a bomb. She contacted her superiors erring on the side of caution and somehow the incident escalated into a full- fledged media bombshell after Ahmed Mohamed was arrested.

Twitter explodes with many defending Ahmed and claiming he’s a victim of Islamophobia. Others took the opposite view arguing that political correctness should not be the arbiter of common sense and protecting the lives of schoolchildren.

Ahmed Mohamed becomes a celebrity. He’s offered scholarships and even gets an invite to the White House by President Obama. And the corrupt media machine is in their glory because the Ahmed story fits their template like a glove that America is a racist country.

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However, in the city of Chicago, Barack Obama’s hometown, another 14 year old boy name TyjuanPoindexter was shot in the head yesterday in a drive by shooting and was killed. He’s a person of color also but his story does not fit the corrupt media machine’s template because he was killed by another person of color instead of a White Cop.

Tyjuan Poindexter doesn’t get to become a house name.

I doubt his family will even get a phone call from President Obama, let alone a White House invite.

His story does not go national because the corrupt media machine will not shine the light on Black on Black murder becomes it doesn’t fit their agenda.

Does Ahmed really deserve the attention and acclaim he’s getting? Doesn’t Tyjuan Poindexter deserve something too besides a passing mention in a local paper?

Dozens of Tyjuan Poindexters get shot and killed in Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Oakland, East St. Louis and Baltimore. But, Black Lives Matters never talks about those. Why is that? And the corrupt media machine makes sure they die essentially anonymous.

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