Navy Chaplain Punished For Sharing His Biblical Views

Navy Chaplain Punished For Sharing His Biblical Views

After being badgered by a homosexual subordinate, a Navy chaplain finally explained his views on homosexuality and those views have landed the chaplain in hot water, according to a report from Western Journalism.



According to recent reports, a highly regarded Navy chaplain and Marine Corps veteran is in hot water for espousing a biblical view of marriage. Lt. Commander Wes Modder reportedly received an official written complaint after an encounter with a gay officer late last year.

Modder explained he was unaware of his new assistant’s sexual proclivity during the month the two worked together. During their conversations, however, the chaplain noted that the officer asked him repeatedly about his views regarding homosexuality.

The assistant later complained about Modder’s responses, leading to the five-page censure the chaplain described as “unconscionable.”

Following delivery of the letter, he said he was not given an opportunity to respond and was instructed to clear his things and vacate his office.

“It was insulting and devastating,” he explained. “I felt discriminated against. How could something like this happen at this stage of my career?”

In fact, the backlash came as an apparently abrupt about-face from the complaint’s author, Capt. Jon R. Fahs. Just months ago, Fahs lauded Modder as a “consummate professional leader” during his latest review, describing the chaplain as “the best of the best” following decades of military service.

Numerous supporters and advocacy groups spoke out against the complaint, including the Liberty Institute, which is currently handling Modder’s case.

“We are starting to see cases where chaplains have targets on their backs,” explained attorney and veteran Michael Berry. “They have to ask themselves, ‘Do I stay true to my faith or do I keep my job?”

What would logically expect a chaplain to say concerning homosexuality?

Since the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” what we’ve witnessed is not a harmonious coexistence of straight and homosexual service members, but a routine harassment and crusade by homosexual service members not for acceptance, but an outright celebration of their lifestyle and sexual orientation.

It’s time to reexamine; is our military a fighting force or a petri dish for social experimentation and the advancement of liberal agendas?

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