Picture of Six-Year-Old Albino Boy Whose Right Hand Was Hacked Off to be Sold For $75,000 to Make a Potion

Picture of Six-Year-Old Albino Boy Whose Right Hand Was Hacked Off to be Sold For $75,000 to Make a Potion

Though we live in the 21st century, some are still living in the stone age and this latest report from the Daily Mail illustrates this fact perfectly.


This is the first picture of a six-year-old boy whose hand was savagely hacked off by hired assassins who collect albino body parts for witchdoctors to turn into charms and potions for their rich clients.

Baraka Cosmas was attacked on Saturday evening by a group of men, who stormed into the home he shared with his parents in western Tanzania.

The young boy was held down while the gang chopped off his right hand, before beating him and his mother Prisca Shaaban so badly both have been hospitalised.

Shockingly, Baraka was the third child to be attacked because of the colour of his skin in just over three months.

Eighteen-month-old Yohana Bahati was snatched from his home less than a month ago, while four-year-old Pendo Emmanuelle Nandi was taken at the end of December.

Yohana’s mutilated body was found a few days later, while Pendo has never been seen again.

All three cases are linked to a trade in albino body parts, fuelled by the high prices they fetch and a belief in the ‘magical’ properties of the skin and limbs, said to bring wealth and luck.

The men who viciously attacked Baraka at the weekend are likely to have been little more than petty criminals at worst, carrying out the bidding of a witchdoctor.

The witchdoctor will have paid a significant amount for the limb – but who paid the witchdoctor is likely to remain unclear.

Jonathan Beale, managing director of Standing Voice, a charity working to protect Tanzania’s albinos, says until these people are rooted out, government efforts to curb the attacks and killings are likely to have little impact.

‘This most recent tragic attack serves to remind us that current responses from the government, police force and justice system are not sufficient and do not target the heart of this crisis,’ he told MailOnline.

To be clear, there are so many attacks on albinos that there is actually a group dedicated to helping protect albinos from savage witch doctors who want to use their body parts for magical potions.

If this weren’t so gruesome and sick, this would be laughable…

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